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Cotton Core



Suravat' Luxe is always looking to provide the highest quality product for our customers.   We have decided to discontinue use of the wood wick for numerous reasons and some beyond our control.

• Obtaining the wood wicks has become much harder as one of the major key manufacturers is no longer in business.    We were able to find other      wood wicks, however the quality simply did not meet our standards.

• The pricing for the wood wicks drastically began moving upward; which means would have had to increase our overall costs for you to purchase.



We are excited to announce we have chosen COTTON CORE WICKS as our replacement wick.   We are confident that you will enjoy these wicks!

•Slow & Even Burning

•Less toxicity by-product

•Readily available

•More affordable; which means better future discounts and promotions!


Please share with us your thoughts on the new wicks after your purchase.  

We are always looking for feedback on creating a better product for you!



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